I am Fond Doux. I am a 250 old cocoa plantation that got transformed into a magical resort. Located right in the middle of the jungle on the west side of the island I am home to hundreds of different plants, animals as well as 15 unique cottages. Step out of your home away from home into a lively garden. Meet hummingbirds zipping from flower to flower, pick delicious fruit right off the tree and get lost strolling the crisscrossing paths of my plantation.



The Pitons. Stretching high into the sky right out of the ocean these two peaks are both stark and stunning from any angle. Get up close and personal by climbing them or see them from a far from multiple viewpoints all around the area. Check out my Shared Secrets for the location of one of these magical views.

Sugar Beach. For yet another perspective of the glorious Pitons, this is the place. Cradled right in the middle of these towering mountains is Sugar Beach. I have a free shuttle that goes to this beautiful beach every day. Be sure to take advantage as you will experience magic.

Soufriere. A town just down the street. Here you can hire water taxi’s to take you anywhere along the coast, try some local cuisine, or party the night away with the locals. The last Saturday of the month, they always throw a big party, so make sure you are there for that; it goes from “6pm to whenever!”

Jade Mountain. This black sand beach is around the bend from Soufriere. With a restaurant, shaded seating and a beautiful coral reef to explore, this is worth a day trip. Plus if you continue just a little further to the next beach down, you will find Anse Mamin, otherwise known as the beach with the best burger on the island. Besides the good food, there are less people and a much more scenic beach.



Fond Doux is located on 135 acres of a UNESCO heritage site and is still an active cocoa plantation. Make sure to go on the complimentary plantation tour. Learn about everything, from fruits that cure cancer, the names of all the beautiful blooming flowers, to the whole chocolate from the cacao pod to a delicious bar of chocolate.

There is a trek up the hill at the rear of the property that will lead you to a majestic view of the the Petit Piton. Ask the reception where the trailhead is; this is something you don’t want to miss.

Make sure to be back home in time for sunset. The light that surrounds the mysterious palm tree jungle forest is beyond magical.


Rooms start at $236 USD per night along with a fresh complimentary buffet breakfast.



Expect to live in the depths of a jungle paradise. Listen to the melodies of the birds, the rush of the wind through the palm trees and the sound of the pouring rain. Expect a basket of fruits upon arrival freshly picked from the lush green garden. Expect to walk through history while living on a 250-year-old cacao plantation. Expect to be on a first name basis with a lot of the staff and before you know it, it will feel like home.



Private Terrace. Hammock. Fresh Fruit Basket. Tea Kettle. Inside Sitting Area.

Sleep Here