It's more than just a space, it's an experience.

Between Beds is a hotel portal of the most unique and boutique accommodations around the globe. This is not an ordinary hotel collection – we travel the world in search of thoughtful hideaways, dreamy escapes and outstanding boutique hotels with one mission: to inspire. We are here to fuel design lovers, hotel connoisseurs and those looking for beautiful spaces to create unforgettable memories.

What makes our spaces so unique are the experiences that surround them. From captivating design and life-changing moments, to the perfect location and impeccable customer service.

“We share experiences so you can create stories.”


We offer authentic reviews of hand-selected Originals — places that can’t easily be replicated due to the love to detail and passion for design within the confines of revolutionary hospitality.

Work With Us

Work With Us

Are you looking for a photographer, for someone to capture the magic of your space? We snap everything from hotels to fancy event spaces and can’t wait to capture yours.

If you are tired of your old website and images we can help you capture your place in a new light and refresh your website with a new design.

Are you an owner of a unique space, a hidden gem ready to let the world know about you? Do you think the experience you provide your customers with is one of a kind? Then wait no longer and reach out to us. We can’t wait to help spread the word.