I am Zamas. I am a laid-back beach hotel located right on the coast of Tulum. Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of crashing waves, palm trees rustling and the fresh smell of the sea. Imagine opening your front door to a white beach and the ocean stretching out before you. Imagine the morning sun tickling your nose while sipping your latte in a soft, colorful hammock. Imagine eating at one of the best restaurants in Tulum every day, enjoying a drink with new friends while listening to live music beneath the night sky.



Rent a bike and cruise the coast; so many shops, eateries, and hidden gems to be found. Also Tulum Centro is only a 25 minute bike ride away.

Don’t want to feast on the delicious flavors I have to offer? Make sure to check out some of the good restaurants that line the coast and the streets of Tulum centro. Here are some of my faves — NômadeArcaMur MurVilla Pescadores, and Thai Tulum.



If you book one of the Beach Front rooms, you can also take advantage of the pool. You may have the ocean right in front of you, but if the waves get too rough and tough to handle, jump across the street and sit poolside in the warm sun.

Don’t miss out on the drink that fits perfectly to this paradise — The Maracuyá Mojito.


Rooms start at $180 USD per night.



Expect the ocean at your doorstep; relaxation at its finest. Expect night service. Someone to fluff your pillows, pull down the mosquito net and turn on the outside light for when you come back after a beautiful sunset. Expect a good night sleep amongst the ocean lullabies. Expect delicious food and top-notch service. You will be spoiled.



Comfy king bed and fluffy pillows to match. Steps from the beach. Nightly turndown service. Day bed. Big en-suite bathroom. Open shower. Beach front patio. Hammocks. Lockbox.

Sleep Here