I am The Ultimate Traveling Camp. Up amongst the jungle of Northeastern India, I am the spirit of Nagaland. For only 13 days I call this lush land my home, to celebrate the coming together of all the local tribes of the area for the famous Hornbill Festival. Relax amongst my lavish tents and feast on my delicious cuisine, before heading out to witness these beautiful cultural festivities. I am Glamping at its finest.



The Hornbill Festival is why I was created. This is an annual festival that brings all of the 16 Naga tribes together, to show off their tribal traditions, their culture, their local crafts, their attire; everything about their way of life. It is a way to keep these unique and different cultures alive and to show the individual beauty of each and every one.

You also have the chance to visit some local villages of the Angami. This is the tribe that is native to Kohima the capital of Nagaland. Depending on how far you want to travel, you have the choice between Jakhama Village (10 minutes drive) or Khonoma Village (30 minutes drive). If you have the time I would suggest heading up to Khonoma.



These tents are trucked from New Delhi up to this mountainous region of Nagaland just for the Hornbill Festival. If you want to partake in such a beautiful event, make sure to book your space soon as it sells out quickly.

It gets quite cold in the nights so make sure to pack some warm clothing cause you are going to need it.

During the evening they will light a warm fire right next to the dining tent and while dinner is being prepared, they will serve delicious appetizers around the fire, to keep your tummy satisfied.


Rooms start at $4100 (for 2 nights). This includes transfers to and from the airport in Dimapur, all meals (including tea, coffee & soft drinks), guided excursions, and fees for the Hornbill Festival.

This is a pop up camp, only open during the Hornbill Festival. Click the Sleep Here button below to see the operational dates.



Expect to be greeted in a Naga fashion. Expect colorful festivities and culturally packed excursions. Expect a space to just relax and listen to the birds and the rush of a nearby river. Expect a mix of chaos and tranquility.



Comfortable king-size bed. Small front porch perfect for your morning chai or coffee. En-suite bathroom and shower. Safari-style wardrobe. Writing desk. Space heaters.



Cultural Discovery, Photographers, Couples, Gastronomical Experiences

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