I am Tri. I am a sustainable luxury hotel, with eleven sequential villas that emanate from a central water tower. From top, I resemble a golden spiral based off the famous Fibonacci Sequence. Feel alive amongst the living walls and green roofs that breathe with you, as you wander my magnificent grounds. All my suites are carefully placed on a slight hill offering my guests the most serene views of Lake Koggala. Here you will find a harmoniously mix of culture and natural beauty.


Start your morning off right with a yoga class. Feel invigorated, relieved and ecstatic as you wrap up the session and make your way to a fresh and healthy breakfast

Thanks to Tri’s picturesque location, right next to the Koggala Lake, water based activities are a given. Join the Cinnamon Island tour and meet Sarath and his family who have been living on the island for three generations. You will be crossing the lake in a dhoni boat, enjoy a fresh cinnamon drink and learn everything there is to know about the production of this delicious spice.

Discover the secret world of Sri Lankan curries. Learn how to create your own Sri Lankan dish from a local chef by using local ingredients and a traditional clay pot. Enjoy your very first self made Sri Lankan meal.

Feeling adventures, take a bicycle out and explore the surrounding area all the way to the southern coast. The reception will be glad to provide you with guides.

Tri also offers private tours to spot the majestic blue whales. Sri Lanka is one of the only places in the world that allows for sightings close to the shore. The best time to spot them in their natural habitat is from December to April.

During the day, grab a cab to Galle Fort, and explore this old city. See if you can find the Dutch and Portuguese influenced architecture amongst the side streets, which are filled with shops, cafes and restaurants. I would recommend stopping by at Poonies Kitchen to get lunch; the Thali Salad is the perfect midday meal.



Every morning and evening, there are stilt fishermen that go out to fish on the south coast of Sri Lanka. In about 20 minutes by car you can reach the beach to see this old tradition unfold. The best time to spot the fishermen is in the mornings, evenings are often crowded as big tourist buses stop along the shore to show off this old tradition and have sadly started to make a business out of it.

There are large crocodiles in Koggala Lake, but not to fear, the lake is quite large so they keep to themselves in the more uninhabited parts. If you go on the Cinnamon Island tour, you may even be lucky enough to see some.


Rooms start at $325 USD (for 2 people sharing). This includes a divine meal in the morning and evening.

Check in: 2:00 pm. Check out: 12:00 pm



Expect purplish pink skies every morning as you open the curtains to an undeniable perfect view over Koggala Lake. Expect the staff to bring hospitality to another echelon. Expect scrumptious Sri Lankan Cuisine, all freshly prepared using ingredients, picked right from my garden.



Comfy king-sized bed. A daybed. Ensuite bathroom with a walk in shower. Terrace with outdoor seating overlooking the lake. All inside a spacious 72sq meters.



Cultural Discovery, Romantic Getaways, Couples, Private Events

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