I am Pulo Cinta Eco Resort. I am a small eco resort only minutes off the southern coast of Gorontalo.  I invite you to wake up to the ever changing morning skies and the gentle sound of waves inside one of my 15 modest, above the water bungalows. Breath the reviving smell of the sea as you make your way across the timber walkways to the small white, sandy beach next to the open air restaurant and enjoy your first cup of coffee for the day. There is no better place than here, to explore the crystal clear waters of Boalemo and witness the vibrant ocean life.


I am surrounded by pristine dive sites that await to be discovered — scuba diving, snorkeling, or just hop from island to island. I am one of 23 inhabited Islands in the Gulf of Tomini, so it is easy to enjoy a day tour to a few unspoiled white sand beaches.


The name Pulo Cinta literally means love island and if you could see the resort from above, the bungalows of Pulo Cinta are carefully placed in a heart shape.

Make sure to stay up till the sky is covered in sparkling stars and spot the milky way right from your private deck.

To reach my grounds you will need to fly into Jalaluddin Airport, Gorontalo. From here the resort can organize a private pickup service by car & boat for around $70 (2.25h drive).


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Bungalows start at $250 USD including breakfast.


Expect a private island with 15 over water bungalows ranging from 1- 3 bedroom. Expect magical sunsets and breathtaking sunrises every day. Expect a laid back and relaxing atmosphere throughout the resort.

OUR ROOM — Water Bungalow

King size bed. Spacious living area & private sun deck with panoramic ocean views. Fresh water shower. 100% Solar Energy Villa.


Luxury Connoisseurs, Honeymoon, Leisure, Relaxation, Diving

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