I am the Museum Hotel. Located in Uçhisar, the highest point in the region of Cappadocia, I perch like a castle in the volcanic hills, boasting the best views. I am timeless, I am handmade, restored from thousand-year-old caves into unique rooms of authentic luxury and comfort. With 30 different rooms in a little over 5000 sq ft., I am packed with historic beauty and relics of the past. Not only do humans call me home but also the pigeons, peacocks and turtles, wander my immaculate colored spaces.

Wake up at dawn to catch the gentle balloons glide quietly over the city of Göreme; if you are lucky they will float right over to you. Right as the last balloon leaves the sky my abundant breakfast is open for delighting your taste buds. Sit by the fire at dusk, sip on a glass of my homemade wine and listen to some soft Jazz while feeling the summer night breeze around your bare feet.



Only a quick 10-minute walk from me, you can climb to the highest point of Cappadocia: Uçhisar Castle. From there you will have a 360-degree view of the rock valleys below. It will cost you a small fee to be able to climb to the tippy top but it is worth the 6TL ($2).

Though you can see the beautiful balloons floating in the distance from my terrace, there is nothing quite like being in the basket floating high in the sky of Cappadocia. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be missed.

Hire a camel and meander your way through the stark volcanic rock formations.



As an officially registered Museum, the grounds are filled with history from the centuries that came before and can be found in every corner of property. Keep an eye out for these artifacts as they are everywhere.

Don’t miss out on a night full of laughter and good company while smoking a shisha on my terrace in the beautiful summer nights.

If you hear some funny sounding noises, don’t panic those are the peacocks. They hang out in the garden below and squawk randomly throughout the day. More of a reptilian? You will get along with the house-turtles. The live in the turtle garden right on the premises, but they tend to venture out beyond their grounds for morning strolls so you might cross paths during breakfast.


This room starts at $290 USD. Complimentary breakfast that is as good to look at as it is to eat.



Expect first class customer service, delicious food and an atmosphere that will satisfy all of your senses. The antique vibe mixed with the modern amenities of home combine in perfect harmony to set you deep in vacation mood. Here you can eat like the Turkish, sleep like the Hittites, bathe like the Romans and enjoy views like a Sultan. It is a historic paradise.



The Most Comfortable Bed in the World. 3 Stories Deep. Incredibly Colored Rugs. Big Windows. 24/7 Tea Kettle. Complimentary Water. Mini Bar. A/C.

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