I am LUX* Lijiang. I live amongst the historic black rooftops and classic courtyards of Dayan, the ancient town of Lijiang. I am part of over 800 years of history, ready to take you on local and authentic experiences. Intertwining the traditional stone and timber building techniques of the local Naxi people, I capture the very essence of the Yunnan region. I am the new and the old. Despite my traditional outer appearance, my rooms are luxurious and fashionable, offering picture-perfect views over the rooftops and courtyards of Lijiang.



Get up early to wander the streets of the old town to visit the local vegetable market with the longest history known as Zhongyi Market and watch traditional dances at Sifang Streets Square. Extend your day into a walking tour and visit sites such as the Mu’s Residence, Wangu Tower, the Big Water Wheel or the Black Dragon Pool. A little secret, be on the lookout for the local falconers. There are said to be thousands around the town, and you are likely to find them near the market entrance in Dayan, or by the bridge called Dashiqiao.

Embark on an adventure to the surrounding natural wonders of Lijiang. Two of our favorites are Blue Moon Valley and the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the world’s deepest and most stunning river Canyons. The Yangtze flows between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. Legend has it that a tiger once jumped over the narrows to escape a hunter, thus the name stuck. Blue Moon Valley is a bright blue river that snakes through the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Here you will find beautiful waterfall terraces and crystal blue lakes. If you have the time, either of these would be a great addition to your time in this majestic area.

With the Yunnan province being one of the first tea production regions in China is it almost a must to join an old-fashioned tea ceremony in a traditional Tea House in the ancient city of Lijiang. If food is more your speed, learn all about the Yunnan cuisine by visiting the traditional Naxi market followed by an inspiring cooking class.



The Tea Horse Road was a trade route that began in the 6th century and lasted up until the 20th century. This is not just one road, but a web of paths all around southern China and into Tibet. Though there was a lot of goods exchange along this path, the main trade was horses for tea, thus the name Tea Horse Road.

There are no cars allowed in Dayan, the ancient town of Lijiang, so your main source of transportation will be by foot. But not to worry, the hotel has its own buggy to pick you up once you arrive.

Make sure to dedicate an afternoon to the Cha Ma Dao, a fascinating library where you can share stories of your adventures over a vintage telephone (international phone calls are free).

LUX* has two properties in Yunnan, Lijiang and Benzilian. If you are interested in combing the two, make sure to ask about the 5-night tour along the historic Tea Horse Road. You will see the stunning Tiger Leaping Gorge, admire the astonishing landscape and visit an important Tibetan monastery. This would be one for the memory books.


Rooms start at $155 USD (Double Occupancy). For an extra $84 USD make that an all-inclusive stay.


Expect an immaculate boutique hotel located walking distance from the most popular sights of the town. Expect a journey of a lifetime and become part of the welcoming hotel family and kind villagers. Expect a calming and relaxing atmosphere within the confines of my grounds.



Comfortable king bed. Spacious living area with a sofa, coffee table, and a desk. Views to the inner Naxi courtyards. Turndown service. En-suite bathroom. Deep soaking bathtub. Health enchaining bathroom products made with a blend of Tibetan Roseroot and spices.



Couples, Luxury Travelers, Adventurers, Historians

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