I am Kayakapi. I sit quietly on a hillside overlooking the town of Ürgüp, just minutes away from Göreme National Park and the beautiful Fairy chimneys everyone is so keen on seeing. The reason for my existence is to preserve and restore the historical structures within the Kayakapi Neighborhood and to give you a chance to relive the glory days of the cave dwellers. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, staying in my ancient caves will give you a little taste of the past. My rooms aren’t just simply a space to rest your tired eyes, rather 1000 year old caves, each carrying a piece of living history within.

Day times can be quite hot so come enjoy my refreshing pool and wait until dusk, when I show you my romantic side, when the heat subsides, the whole property and pool light up and the city lights sparkle from afar; that’s when the magic begins.



If you care to venture out beyond my walls, the town of Ürgüp is just a 10 min walk down the hill. Not in the mood to exercise, ask my staff to be shuttled down into the center, but you will have to find your way back by yourself.

Ask about the infamous balloon ride over Göreme. If you are in Cappadocia, this is one of those must dos as it is a once in a lifetime experience.

There are a lot of geological sites to see within the Cappadocia area. Near me are many hiking trails leading to, around and through the volcanic landscape that makes the area unique. But if you are up for a drive check out the Ihlara Valley, especially the resturaunt in Belisırma, for an epic day trip.



The sauna and hammam (Turkish bath) are included in the stay. It is open from 2 PM – 11 PM. Make sure to take advantage of both of them, they are such a treat.

Each and every cave is named after the previous owner. Make sure to see who’s house you are about to stay in. Ours was Toker Evi.


Rooms start at $150 USD. Complimentary breakfast.



Expect to be met with splendid customer service and a yummy welcome drink to quench your thirst. Expect to enjoy immaculate panoramic views from any part of my property. Expect to experience a hint of history when wandering your cave. A refreshing and cool hideout during the hot days, and an even temperature while you rest your head.



Living Area, Bedroom, and Spacious Bathroom. Mini Bar. 24/7 Nespresso & Tea Kettle. Delicious Fruit Basket. Outdoor Patio. Comfy Bed. A/C.

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