I am Kasbah du Toubkal. I am a one of a kind mountain retreat nestled at the base of Mount Toubkal in the village of Imlil. If your goal isn’t to trek to the peak of Jbel Toubkal then I am sure a nice little loop up to my neighboring village and back will be a nice treat before you settle on my carpet covered terrace to enjoy a cup of fresh Moroccan mint tea. I offer seventeen traditional bedrooms spread throughout my beautiful grounds. You might find yourself waking up next to the terrace, amongst the flowers of my gardens or in a hidden cave with breathtaking views. The weather in the mountains can change in an instant. You may awake to a brilliant blue sky but then find the fog rolling in as the afternoon approaches. This might just be the perfect weather for a steaming hot bath in my traditional on site hammam before a delicious Berber cooked candle light dinner.



Trek down the hill and visit the town of Imlil below. There are a few cafes and local Berber shops with beautiful crafts.

Trek up one of the highest peaks in Africa—Toubkal. This could potentially be done in 1-day round trip (a very long 1-day). But if you are interested in taking your time, I offer a trekking package that will take you up to my mountain Refugee to spend the night, before embarking on the journey up to the top.

Climb to I’fni lake. It is similar to the journey to Toubkal, but a bit more time is needed to get there. If you have the time, do this trip. It is such a treat.

At 10AM and 3PM I offer a free 2-hour walk up and around the area. See where you could continue onto climb Mount Toubkal, witness the life of the small neighboring village above and chat with the fellow guests. It is a very relaxing hike with beautiful views of both the peaks above and valley below.



If you come from Marrakech, taking a private cab can become quite pricey. So the alternative is a shared cab or “taxi collective.” You can find these just outside of the medina and they should cost no more than 50 dirham per person, but be prepared to get tourist prices (bargaining may be needed).

Kasbah du Toubkal was chosen by National Geographic to be one of 22 unique lodges in the world, that treat their guests to one of a kind experience while treating the planet with care and respect. The selection is based on respect of the local cultures, the ecosystem and the unique experience offered for guests while supporting the local communities and embracing sustainable practices.

Kasbah Toubkal created a program called Education for All, helping to provide a college education for girls in rural Morocco.

Spread throughout the property you can find apple, walnut and cherry trees. Who knows, they may be ripe and ready to eat right when you get there!


Rooms start at $189 USD. Big and yummy complimentary breakfast.



Expect to experience Berber hospitality. Expect to be surrounded by pristine nature and dazzling mountain views and to fall asleep to the sound of the rushing river below.



2 Stories. Fire Place. Full Kitchen. Washing Machine. Fridge. Living Room. Dining Room. 2 Balconies. Big Bed.

Sleep Here