About Me

I am Hotel Palacio De Villapanés. I am a city sanctuary, a palatial paradise, a historic flare right in the heart of one of Andalucía’s most beautiful cities. From the cobblestone streets of Seville enter through my iron-clad gates and into a sunny open top courtyard surrounded by grand marble columns. Don’t let my classic exterior fool you. I might have an old soul but I am equipped with all the modern amenities for your comfort. Admire the delicate soaring ceiling suites, unwind in the rooftop plunge pool with marvelous views to the old cathedral and relax in the spa under a ceiling designed like the night sky of the Mojave Desert. Come dream amongst the walls of my 18th-century palace and let the old spirit of this refurbished masterpiece take you back in time, with a hint of luxury.

What to do at Hotel Palacio De Villapanés

Seville is famed for its flamenco, so it would really be a shame if you didn’t go to a show while you are here. Though there are several places to choose from, our favorite is La Casa del Flamenco. It’s authenticity and pure pizazz will send you home dancing with the biggest smile on your face.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of Plaza de España. This is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. I would suggest going there for sunset as the light reflects off the water and the Renaissance-inspired buildings turn a redish-orange during the golden hour.

Relaxation is key when on vacation and I know the suites at Hotel Palacio De Villapanés are very comfortable, but if you are in the mood to try something a bit different let us recommend to you Aire Baths Seville. In only 10 minutes by foot you can enjoy a variety of ancient style thermal baths in an authentic sanctuary of pure relaxation.

Yes, you may be staying in the most impressive and immaculate palace in all of Seville, but it is ok to still appreciate the others that exist around town. Here are our top 3 recommendations that come pretty close to the beauty of Hotel Palacio De Villapanés —

  • Real Alcázar. This is one of the most important monuments in all of Seville. Considered one of the oldest palaces in the world, this place gets a modest 1 million visitors per year. Not only does it have historical significance, it also combines the style of Muslim, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic art into a masterfully built structure.
  • Casa de Pilatos. Built between the 15th and 16th century, this is one of the biggest private residences in all of Seville. The best part about visiting this palace is that you don’t have to fight the crowds. Since it is off the usual tourist circuit you may be sharing the beautiful space with only 10 people.
  • Casa de Salinas. If you like Real Alcázar, then you will enjoy this smaller version, located in the heart of Seville’s old town. Built around the 16th century and privately owned, this palace has been carefully restored to keep its original appearance. So head on over to this less popular palace and really get a feeling for what it would have been like to live in the 16th century.


Expect to live in paradise on earth for the next couple of days. Expect to step out and into the hustle and bustle of Seville. Expect delicious food around every corner. Expect peace and quiet in the heart of the city within the confines of your secluded room.

Shared Secrets

In the mood for a late-night adventure, grab the elevator next to the reception down to the spa level where you will find a sauna and a steam room.

Just in case you don’t have a phone with cellular data, Hotel Palacio de Villapanés will provide for you. Expect to find a your very own mobile phone in your room which you can use for the duration of your stay.

If you want to know where to go and what to see ask the concierge at Hotel Palacio de Villapanés, they know the city like the back of their hands.

Babysitting is available for $17 per hour, but should best be arranged before arrival. You can also add an extra bed to your suite for an additional price of $55 per night.


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Rooms start at $227 USD including delicious buffet breakfast in the courtyard of the palace.


Comfy king size bed. En-suite bathroom with beautiful ceramic tub and separate shower. Small living area with couch and chairs. All complimentary mini fridge. iMac computer. TV. Hairdryer. Nespresso coffee machine. Cell phone for use during stay.


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