I am Coqui Coqui. In the heart of the ruined city of Cobá, I sit waiting to be discovered. My old stone walls are as if I existed in the times of the Mayans. The beautiful wear and tear mixed with a clean, off-white interior and hand crafted hammocks create an individuality found nowhere else. During the day cool off in one of my two teal cenote pools. At night warm your feet by a romantic fire right near the peaceful lagoon.



The Cobá Ruins are right at my doorstep and can easily be reached by foot. Make sure to get there right at 8 am when it opens to beat the masses, because trust me there are quite a lot of them that come.

The nearest cenotes are about 6 km away. Hire a cab, or if you are in the mood take the bikes. These are some of the more beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan, so if you want to leave my relaxing haven, they are worth it.



There are crocodiles in the lagoon next door. Though they are rare to see keep your eyes out as you don’t want to miss them.

Coqui Coqui signature scents, which come from the flagship perfumery in Valladolid, can be enjoyed in the on-site perfumery. Also there will be a goodie bag, stuffed with orange blossom and tobacco scented cologne, toothbrush and toothpaste, and of course the much needed mosquito repellent, carefully placed right at the edge of the bed upon check in.


Rooms start at $270 USD.



Expect a laid back jungle vibe. Expect to fall asleep to the sound of nature in pure, secluded luxury. Expect to eat organic. Veggies straight from their garden, chicken from their grounds and fish right out from their ponds. Expect to want to stay forever in the magical atmosphere that you could definitely call home.



Two balconies. King size bed. Cement tub. A/C.

Sleep Here