I am Amanbagh. Come be my king and queen for the night. Awake to the sounds of parrots and monkeys who call the Aravalli mountain range home. Relax and unwind, amongst the shade of mature palm, fruit and eucalyptus trees. Marvel at Mughal tradition in a remote valley of rural Rajasthan. My red sandstone walls pair in perfect harmony with my red-marble laden rooms, while high ceilings within domed cupolas create the perfect atmosphere to just breathe. As the sun kisses the horizon goodnight, amber lights flicker on and the surrounding buildings glow gold. Indian folk music peacefully drifts into your eardrums while you eat a divine dinner, to ensure your meal will be remembered forever.



A short 25-minute drive from Amanbagh you can find the most haunted place in all of India — Bhangarh Fort. Legend has it that this once bustling city was cursed by a local black magician. This black magician fell in love with the princess of the palace and bewitched a cosmetic which she was to use, then she would fall in love too. But she felt the trickery and decided to pour out the cosmetic on a giant boulder, which then went and crushed the magician to death. Before his final breath, he laid a curse over the whole fort so no one would ever be able to live there in peace again. Within 24 hours the whole city was in ruins. But do not fear it is only haunted at night, so go explore the grounds by day learning even more insights from my local staff. You can even schedule morning yoga amongst the still standing temples.

Cultural excursions are my specialty. My favorite is the Cow Dust Tour. Jump into an open top jeep with one of my local guides and slowly make your way around and through the villages in the area. Waving and smiling are very common as you pass. Kids will run behind the jeep trying to catch it as they yell and waive at all times. As the sun fades, get invited inside local houses for hot and creamy chai and potentially a whole delicious meal of daal and paratha. It is an evening for the memory books.

Beyond the pink colored walls of Amanbagh lies the Sariska National Park. Formerly used as the hunting grounds of Maharaja Alwar, this tiger reserve is an 800 sq km area perfect for a morning or afternoon escape. Apart from the majestic Bengal tigers, leopards, hyenas, four-horned antelope, a variety of bird species and much more play in this protected space.

Don’t want to go far from your home away from home. Inside my walls I have two main swimming pools, a restaurant, a salon bar, a courtyard terrace, croquet lawns, a library, a boutique gym, the Aman Spa with two Ayurvedic treatment rooms & four further treatment rooms, yoga rooms, & landscaped gardens to wander day or night. Don’t worry I am good at entertaining.



In Sanskrit Amanbagh means peaceful garden; I couldn’t summarize this place any better.

The grounds of Amanbagh used to be the base of the Maharaja Alwar’s shooting parties. The old wall that surrounds the property is a remnant of that era, everything else was constructed by Aman. It took over 10 years to create this impeccable palace.


Rooms start at $425 USD. A delicious complimentary breakfast for two is included.

Check in: 2:00 pm. Check out: 12:00 pm


Expect a welcoming ceremony of song as you enter this lush oasis. Expect each and every employee to stop and greet you with “namaskaar” accompanied by a gentle bow. Expect luxury upon luxury in a magical Mughal setting.



Bathtub carved from the famous green marble of Udaipur. Separate shower and toilet. Private & perfectly heated swimming pool. Comfy king-size bed. Spacious garden courtyard. Occasional visits from monkeys. Outdoor dining & lounge area. A/C



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