I am Aman-i-Khas. Abreast Ranthambore, the most famous national park in India, I sit. The minute you walk onto my grounds, you are part of our royal family. You are now Sahib & Sahiba, Prince & Princess. To you, I will provide your very own personal butler to ensure that your every desire and need is taken care of during your stay. My 10 pristine white tents are carefully strewn between the trees hiding a glimpse of Mughal nostalgia. Inside, long cotton drapes hang from the 20-foot high canopy giving the room a rather airy and regal feel. Search for Bengal tigers and roam ancient forts by day. Find serenity, starlit skies and fine dining by night.



Safaris are the highlight of the stay. Wake up at the break of dawn and venture into the jungle aboard open top jeeps to search for tigers, hyenas, chital deer, crocodiles, and even the elusive leopard. As the sun finds its place high in the sky, take a break in the wilderness with some chai and snacks, then continue on the pursuit.

Discover the vast, ancient forts of the area. India’s oldest is just a quick 20-minute drive from my tented property. Should you decide to join one of my unforgettable safaris, then you will pass the Ranthambore Fort perched 700ft above, protected from the intruders of old. Climb the stairs through multiple entrance gates to the top, and explore the expanse and learn insights from the popular spots from one of my knowledgeable local guides.

Want a quiet day in? Book a spa treatment or lounge by the traditional stepwell pool. Roam the grounds of this mere wooded jungle to see if you can find the organic vegetable and herb garden or the small pond within the depths of the property. As night sets in join the crackling fire under the star-filled sky and listen to sweet lullabies of the wilderness.



In Sanskrit, Aman-i-Khas means a peaceful & special place.

Ranthambore comes from the name of the two hills which the ancient fort is situated between. One is called Rhan and the other is Thambore. Its strategic location helped to gain power over its attackers.

Rajasthan means land of kings. Raja is a ruler; Sthan is a place. Amongst the setting of Aman-i-Khas, you can get a feeling of the grandeur of how it used to be during the era of kings.


Tents are $1200 USD. All meals, soft drinks as well as laundry is inclusive in the price.

Open seasonally from October till May.



Expect an intimate setting tucked in the wild amongst the Aravalli Hills. Expect your days to be filled with adventure. Expect your nights to be set by a communal fire followed by a delicious dinner. Expect your every want and need to be fulfilled at any time of the day.



Spacious king-size bed. Duo writing desks for him & her. Dreamy day-bed. Sun-deck. En-suite bathroom with a deep cement tub and rain shower. A/C.



Wildlife Discovery, Private Events, Wellness Retreats, Cultural Discovery

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